Choose the business registration tab on the homepage. Enter your business details along with your business categories, operating counties and agree to the terms and conditions. Upon filling this out please choose either the bronze, silver or gold package.

We allow users to search the directory of businesses by location so that they can choose a convenient and local provider should the need arise. As such, we require businesses to enter one county for their location (it is possible to select multiple counties if you have a number of outlets) but you may also select nationwide and this will ensure that your business will be listed in all search results.

Once location has been factored in to the results, the desired location will appear first on the list. Furthermore businesses that have selected the Gold package will appear higher up in the search results than those that have purchased the Silver and Bronze packages.

No. The business directory can be fully accessed by any school, education facility, teacher, SNA or member of the public. 

When your current subscription expires the payment provider will attempt to bill the card details on file and if that succeeds your subscription will be extended. If it fails an email will be sent stating that payment has failed and it will prompt the user to re enter card details. After 3 failed attempts it will stop trying. When a user’s subscription is expired, you can still login but the search results will not list the business. 

You may contact us directly using the details in the Contact Us section of the website and we will remove your details. Please note that payment is taken in full at the beginning of your subscription and if you choose to end your membership early money cannot be refunded. Please see our Terms and Conditions. 

Yes. This facility is available in our gold package membership and is a feature that proves vital for some businesses. The importance of word of mouth among schools and teachers should not be overlooked and with so much competition in the market it can be a great bonus to have your business promoted by previous users. Importantly, you will be notified when your business receives a review and you can proof read this before it becomes public

All comments are approved before appearing the the website. If you are still unhappy you can flag the comment and you will be contacted by administrators.

You can register and set up your profile for a 7 Day Free Trial without inputting any payment details. This will allow you an opportunity to see what The School Drectory can do for your business. After 7 days, if you have not inputted payment details your business listing will be removed from the database.

As the directory grows, the number of categories will continue to increase. If you feel your business/service does not fall in to any of the listed categories, please feel free to contact us.

Click the forget password tab on the login page and follow the steps provided.

Contact us at and we can remove details if you wish.

To view the details and uploaded documents of teachers and SNAs, you must first register as a school. This registration will be verified before you can access the database.

First you select the Teacher or SNA tab. The 'Name' tab is optional if you are searching for a teacher/SNA you have previously had in your school.

Select your location and click on the dates you require. Click submit to find teachers/SNAs in your county.

Teachers/SNAs who have updated their availability most recently will appear first in your search results.

Days highlighted in blue indicate that a teacher/SNA is available.

Days highlighted in red indicate that a teacher/SNA is not available.

When you perform a search, all teachers/SNAs in your county appear on the results list. Those with short term availability appear first.

Teachers/SNAs use their Bio to tell schools about themselves and their current work status. We encourage teachers/SNAs to inform schools if they are interested in longer term work.

The information and uploaded documents from all teachers/SNAs is available to download at the click of a mouse.

Click register as a teacher/SNA on the homepage. Enter your details including name, mobile number and choose either teacher or SNA and add your Teaching Council number if applicable. Enter your email address (this will be your username), your location (this should be the area in which you live – counties in which you are available can be added later) and finally create your password.

Create your own personal profile for schools to access.

Create a bio, upload your CV, Garda Vetting, Teaching Council registration and more.

Increase your chances of securing substitute work as a Teacher or SNA.

Have your profile available to up to 3000 schools across Ireland.

Reduce the costs of printing and posting CVs.

Reduce the time spent calling to schools to drop CVs.

Log in regularly and update your availability as search results are generated by the most recently updated profiles. Use your bio to tell schools about yourself and your current employment status. Upload your CV, your Garda Vetting, your Statutory Declaration of Undertaking and any other documents that you feel are relevant.

Add your current location as well as up to 7 counties in which you are available to work.

Remember, if you find short term work you stay on the system even if you are unavailable. This means you can still be considered for any post under 26 weeks that may arise in schools.

You will be presumed unavailable but your details will remain on the site for schools to view.

Schools will contact you by using your details on the database. The method chosen will be at the discretion of the school. 

Teachers are vetted centrally through the Teaching Council.

SNAs must be vetted by relevant organisations. In the case of primary schools this is generally the education office of the school’s patron. Some education offices are happy for SNAs to work in all schools under their control, while others require vetting for each individual school. Exact SNA vetting information is available from relevant education offices.

To upload a personal video to share with schools you can first create a video message and upload the video to YouTube. The ‘Information and Settings’ on your YouTube account will allow you to select the video as ‘Unlisted’. This means that the video is only available to those with the exact URL. Paste this URL to your profile under the Video Profile section and  where only schools with the exact URL schools can view your message.